Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Even 'Rock 'n' Roll' stars love the 'Bespoke.'

Stars turned out in force last night at the Q Awards in London; but here on the Grace Bardin Blog, we're not concerned with who won what, or even if Robbie Williams has put on a couple of pounds since his return to Take That. We're worried about what the celebs were wearing. And guess what, most of the 'Rock 'n' Rollers' were suited and booted in 'Bespoke' tailoring.

Plan B has had somewhat of a reinvention since the baggy jeaned days of his first album. He is rarely seen out and about without a fine three piece and shiny shoes. At the Q's last night, Mr B was wearing a slim fitting black suit with crisp white shirt and pocket hanky. A new style to go with his new sound.

Mr Mark Ronson, seen here before the ash blond do that has taken the music world by storm, is no stranger to a fitted suit. The musician and producer always looks elegant in tailored evening wear and skinny tie. The scruffy, long haired look of the nineties and early naughties has been replaced with a sleek, clean cut image; harping back to the 'Mods' of sixties London. Mr Ronson wears it to a tee.

Madness, who are recognised for their 'Ska' style and sound, haven't lost the edge when it comes to fine tailoring. Suggs, who joked last night that the band had been awarded for their idleness over the last thirty years, wore a dog tooth blazer and trousers that suited his shape. The rest of the guys wore evening wear and overcoats that complimented their ages. Five gentlemen with a 'Rock and Roll' finesse.

Again, Ronson looked effortlessly cool in a double breasted suit with striped tee, keeping the nautical theme alive and kicking this autumn. The new hair style has got us all talking in the Grace Bardin office, hit or miss? You decide.......

And finally, Mr Paolo Nutini, in a low cut blazer, bright white shirt and classic cravat. Looking every inch a gentleman and popstar, his down to earth quality sat well with a tailored, sleek look.

Of course there were other well dressed guys and gals on the night, and there were also some stinkers. But here at HQ, we're interested in the 'Bespoke' and ultimately the style conscious. The suit will never die, just ask Sir Paul McCartney and the boys of the biggest Rock band of the moment, Kasabian.............

by philip booth

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