Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The 'Bespoke'

The word 'Bespoke' is derived from the verb to bespeak, or to 'speak for something'. In the world of Fashion, the term 'Bespoke' is reserved for individually patterned and crafted men's clothing. Differing to an 'off the peg' item, the 'Bespoke' suit is not mass produced but tailored to the customer's needs. Since the creation of the ready to wear suit at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the 'Bespoke' has become more expensive, but most would agree that there is no better feeling than pulling on a blazer and pair of trousers that has been made specifically for you.

The Saville Row Bespoke Association is a group of Saville Row tailors that has attempted to set a standard by providing minimum requirements for a garment to be allowed to use its trademark.

These points stress- that hand work must be used almost entirely on all garments, including the individual cut of a paper pattern; the service must be personal, have qualified advice, a large selection of fabrics and the keeping of all records for future orders and the participating house must be involved in an approved training scheme.

Grace Bardin has over 25 years experience in fashion and has long been acknowledged for her timeless elegance when creating clothes for both men and women. She is a master of Haute Couture; from black tie and ball gowns to evening and cocktail wear for both ladies and gentlemen. Her Bespoke tailoring service includes shirts, blouses, holiday and country wardrobe.

Grace has extensive experience creating outfits for weddings; from bespoke bridal gowns, to wardrobe for the groom, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Her image styling and wedding planning services will also help the special day run as smoothly as possible.

Grace's talents also stretch far beyond the creation of new pieces. She can re-design new and existing garments and add personality to old outfits through alterations.

The festive season is fast approaching, and elegance and individuality is key when entering a room. A Grace Bardin Bespoke garment would be perfect to get tongues wagging amongst the office know-it-alls. Her classic designs are affordably priced but produced to the finest specification. So treat yourself this autumn/winter.

by philip booth

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