Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Do's and Do Not's of the Christmas Do.

The party circuit is coming up very quickly and the one question on the tip of every girl's lips will be; what shall I wear? I don't want to go too slutty but I don't want to go too conservative. And then there is always the office bitch who will judge what you wear in your hair to what colour your toes have been painted. It's a lot easier for guys; shirt, trousers and away we go. A lot of very famous women have got it very wrong in front of millions of viewers, so you should be okay in front of twenty five co-workers....... shouldn't you?

Here's a short list of what you should do, and maybe what you shouldn't do..........

Do not wear bright, statement colours. Do not wear dresses with as much shape as one of those toilet roll covers your nan used to have in the downstairs toilet. Do not wear hi-top trainers with evening wear. Just don't.

Do wear floaty little numbers with a distressed leather jacket over the top; pretty but with an edge. Do wear black tights, they cover all imperfections. Do wear a vibrant colour but keep it subtle and tone it down with more neutral accessories.

Don't go o the party looking like Daisy Duke. Don't just wear hot pants and cowboy boots. Don't wear tight figure hugging tops that put everything on display; it will get the photocopy boy too hot under the collar. In conclusion, don't go looking like Britney Spears, she's not the best fashion role model in the world. And she slept with KFed.........

Do wear vintage. Not your sister's hand me downs, but dresses from a different era when style and grace was key to everything. Keep colours neutral, match with a pair of baby doll shoes. Paint your toes red, they'll lift a subtle outfit. Wear your hair loosely, it will make evening wear more casual.

Don't go in fancy dress when the invite didn't say fancy dress. Don't go 'sexy', you'll end up looking like a street walker. Don't wear a skirt that barely covers your knickers; the office bitch will have a field day. Don't go looking like Donald Duck, Donald Duck wasn't funny or clever.

Dress with poise and grace. Wear a shape and colour that flatters your skin tone. Nip a dress in at the waist for a perfect silhouette. Wear delicate heels and don't be afraid to show a bit of leg; just not too much. Have a pedicure! There is nothing worse than uncared for feet.

Don't go in a gimp mask, it will frighten the boss, and might put your position in jeopardy.

And finally, don't go head to toe in Kermit the Frog related pieces. It is a bit childish and a little bit scary.

The Do's and Do Not's of the Christmas Do. Easy really.

by philip booth

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